Sage BASS 2 Fly Rods

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From the jungles of the Amazon, to the tea stained waters of the Everglades, to your local fishing hole for bass and bluegill, the SAGE Bass II is ready to go.  

We have been using this rod since its inception for fishing the waters of the Everglades.  It is a remarkable rod for mangrove fishing.  With the much shorter, 7'11" length of the Bass Series, the caster is able to manuever the rod in tight places to place the cast where it needs to go.  The Bass II rod has also been a remarkable rod for the Lousiana fishery, hooking into the monster Redfish they have.  It turns over big flies with ease, in close combat fishing.  


Bluegill 7'11" 230gr

Smallmouth  7'11"  290gr

Largemouth 7'11" 330gr

Peacock  7'11"  390gr

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