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With the saltwater heritage of Tibor, we are proud to offer the Signature Series.  The Signature Series  allows the angler a fully sealed drag system to keep out water and debris when the reel is sumberged or drug through the sand.  This innovative, yet simple system ensures years of use and abuse with very little maintance.  

Big game requires big gear.  Enter the Signature 11-12. With very large backing capacity, large diameter for maximum retrieval rate, and the Tibor design to ensure toughness, the 11-12 is ready to tackle whatever you are brave enough to throw a fly at.  We have rigged and used the 11-12 for trophy tarpon, sailfish, marlin, tuna, sharks, and lots of others.  For a tarpon reel in South Florida, it has been very hard to beat.  It has a silence shattering scream on the outgoing drag, so you know just how big your quarry is!  Make your cast and hold on, let this beast do the rest.  

Note: Please specify left or right hand retrieve in the order comments on the checkout page.

Weight:13.5 oz.

Frame Size:5" x 3"


425 yds. with 30 lb. Micron backing 11 wt.
400 yds. with 30 lb. Micron backing 12 wt.
650 yds. with 50lb braid backing.

Rod Weights: 11-16

Species: Tarpon, Sailfish, Marlin, Shark, Tuna, GT

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