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Tibor BackCountry Fly Reels

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The NEW BackCountry is designed and crafted with the same uncompromising standards as our time-tested Tibor, Signature, and Billy Pate series reels. Suitable for a 5-7 weight rods in both fresh and saltwater conditions, even the most fragile tippet can be fished with complete confidence. Proudly made and assembled in the USA.


  • Made from solid aluminum bar stock and has very few parts.
  • Features a drag that cannot be set excessively tight, yet the spool won't over run if you pull line rapidly from it.
  • Spool is easily removable. Extra spools are available.
  • A clicker monitors line going out or coming in.. Comes with a thick neoprene case AND a clear pocket window.


Weight: 6.oz / Rods: 5-7 / Frame Size: 3.50" x 1.50" Capacity: 150 yds. w/65 lb. gelspun

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