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Fly Fishing School

“I’ve been fishing in the Florida Keys for 25 years and fly fishing for the past 10 years. You, Tim, Chico and Flip showed me some new techniques and ideas that I’ll be using every time I go fishing. I wish I had taken your class 10 years ago." – Dan Karcher



The Florida Keys Fly Fishing School has helped thousands of men and women both newcomers and seasoned veterans to become better anglers. Now in our 35th year offering world class fly fishing instruction in a fun and no pressure environment, we’re proud to have developed the longest running and most proficient saltwater fly fishing school available.

You’ll learn every aspect of saltwater fly fishing. During classroom sessions, we’ll cover tackle, including rod and reel technology, fly line selection and essential knots. You’ll master the double-haul, learn effective false casting, line management, and how to make short quick casts. Without a doubt, the school’s greatest asset are the instructors, all of whom are recognized the world over as true authorities. You won’t find a more experienced and passionate group willing to share from their personal experiences.

School sessions include two full 9-5 days of classroom coursework interspersed with personal casting sessions with the instructors and a relaxing lunch break on the school’s Islander Resort campus. We keep it simple and light with casting, field exercises, slide presentations and classroom explanation. Tuition includes evening receptions with the instructors, lunches on school days, curriculum guide, all instruction, classroom work, and the use of our equipment and training aids for casting.

You will leave the school with the skills, knowledge and confidence that would take months or even years of trial and error to overcome. Review our upcoming school dates and FAQ’s to learn more. To inquire or register for the next session, call 305-664-5423 or email us for more information. See you at the next session and tight loops!

Sandy Moret



Day 1

  • Learn about fly lines, fly rods, and fly reels - styles, sizes, myths, more
  • Learn fly casting in small groups - back cast, roll cast, double haul, more
  • Enjoy lunch prepared by the Islander Resort at one of several of their outdoor dining patios
  • Be entertained by a saltwater fly fishing opportunities presentation that covers the entire Southeast
  • After hours cocktail party at Florida Keys Outfitters - spend one on one time with instructors and students, enjoy great food and drinks


Day 2

  • Learn about flies and presentation
  • Learn about fly fishing leaders formulas and knots
  • Enjoy lunch catered by the Islander Resort overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
  • Casting, casting, casting - small group allowing one on one instruction covering the myth of the long cast, line management, double haul, presentation, more
  • Learn fish fighting techniques, landing techniques, working with a Guide, boat etiquette, more


Day 3-4

  • Optional fishing days - put your newly acquired or refined skills to the test against many of the backcountry species Islamorada has to offer


What We Cover

Every aspect of saltwater fly fishing. We’ll cover tackle, including rod and reel technology, fly line selection and essential knots. You’ll master the double-haul, learn effective false casting, line management, and how to make short quick casts. We will teach you sound fundamentals and instill the confidence necessary to be a successful saltwater angler, and you'll learn it all under the tutelage of some of the world's most experienced and accomplished anglers.

  • Tackle:
    • Fly rod action, tapers & flex – Fly Reels, proper drag setting
    • Fly line selection, tapers and weights
    • Fly selection, which flies to use and when, inducing a strike
    • Tying strong leaders, knots & tippets
  • Casting: 
    • Master the double haul
    • Effective false casting
    • Casting in the wind
    • Short quick casts
    • More casting!
  • Fly Presentation & Fish Fighting:
    • Set up the line
    • Communicating with the guide
    • Taking the shot
    • The hook-up, clearing line
    • Applying angles and pressure


To Find Out More and Enroll

Review our FAQ’s or email us, we'd be happy to provide additional information and to answer any questions. To sign-up you can call 305-664-5423 or just register online.