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Fly Fishing School FAQs

“I’ve been fishing in the Florida Keys for 25 years and fly fishing for the past 10 years. You, Tim, Chico and Flip showed me some new techniques and ideas that I’ll be using every time I go fishing. I wish I had taken your class 10 years ago." – Dan Karcher


What makes this school the best?

The quality of any learning experience is proportional to the quality of the instruction provided. There isn’t a better opportunity to receive personalized attention from some of the world’s best saltwater anglers. We strive to set each student on the right track by focusing on the fundamentals and instilling in them the skills and confidence it takes to be successful.


How difficult is casting and can I learn?

Casting a fly is not about strength. We’ll teach you how to make a repetitive stroke, which will help you develop muscle memory. Anglers have varying learning curves, but if you can hit a tennis ball or swing a golf club you can cast a fly. If you are already casting, we can help you to improve as well.


Do I bring equipment?

You are more than welcome to bring a 7, 8 or 9 weight (standard saltwater fly outfits), but it’s not required. We use the finest fly rods and fly lines for casting sessions and all the necessary training aids you will need.


Who attends the classes?

Classes are open to anyone and vary in size from about 15 to 25 students. At any session, the class is comprised of approximately 1/3 beginners, advanced anglers, and women. The schools are also great for couples that are interested in learning together. Three to five masthead instructors attend each session and there are never more than five students casting with an instructor.


Private group sessions, couples weekends and corporate retreats?

We have hosted many corporate retreats and can make all the arrangements. We also handle private group instruction sessions for as few as 4 persons. Call us for details.


Why not just charter a guide and go fly fishing?

We recommend learning the actual casting stroke first. In a boat, distractions will compete with your focus, learning what to do and what to expect first, will prepare you for successful days on the water. After a weekend at The Florida Keys Fly Fishing School you will be fly casting and will have greatly improved your casting skills. You will leave with a solid understanding of what and how to practice which will help maximize your enjoyment of the sport.


What is the schedule?

Arrival Day

  • Evening cocktail reception with anglers and instructors at Islander Resort

Day 1

  • Morning – fly rods, reels, lines, casting session
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon – study fly selection, view a power-point presentation, afternoon casting
  • Evening - instructor and student reception at Florida Keys Outfitters

Day 2

  • Morning – working with guides, skiff layout, fly presentation, fighting fish, angles and pressure, casting session
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon – knot tying, leader construction, final casting session and general discussion, individual student review

Day 3/4 – Optional fishing


Where should I stay?

You may stay anywhere you wish; however, we have arranged special rates at the Islander Resort. Nestled among the palm trees on more than 25 oceanfront acres in the village of Islamorada, the Islander Resort includes 114 spacious rooms that are a friendly retreat for the business and leisure traveler. All villas are ground level with parking close by.

As the "campus" for The Florida Keys Fly Fishing School and central proximity to fishing guides and other dining and entertainment locations, your stay at the Islander Resort will make the time in the Keys flow smoothly as the tides. The Islander does offer preferred rates for fly school students but availability is limited. You can contact the Isalnder directly at 305-664-2031. Be sure to mention you are with the Florida Keys Fly Fishing School when you call.

Other nearby accommodations can be found at:

  • Cheeca Lodge
  • La Jolla Resort


What are the school costs and is any fishing included?

The cost for the two-day Introduction to Saltwater Fly Fishing School is $1,785.00, which is less costly than two days of fishing with a Keys guide. Building confidence at the school first, will better prepare you for your fishing time on the water. School tuition does not include any fishing, but guides are available afterward if you would like to book a trip. Let us know when you register that you would like to book a trip, we can help.


What is the cancellation policy?

If notice of cancellation is received 30 days or more prior to your trip a full refund, less $100 per each tuition and each day of guided fishing, will be returned to you. If notice of cancellation is received less than 30 days in advance of the trip, we will retain the entire amount. Full refund for guided fishing will be made in the event the guide cancels due to weather.

“I want to share with you how much I enjoyed this past weekend at your Fly Fishing School. It was very professional and I learned so much that will be most helpful in the years to come. Between your excellent personal coaching and Diana, Chico and Steve's knowledgeable and informative lectures and demonstrations there was never a dull moment. I would highly recommend your Fly Fishing School to novice and experienced fishermen.” – Merrett Stierhiem

For information and reservations, order online, call 305-664-5423 or contact us today.